• Cassie Moats

    I Watched The Whole 2012 Game On Youtube And When I Saw The Ending The Golden Pouch Turn The Doids Back To There Normleselfs And Guess What Else... CHUCH WEARS PANTS NOT SHORTS PANTS! AND (I ALREADY KNOW HARRY WAS NORMLE SO I'M OK WITH IT.) BETTY DIDN'T HAVE BRACES BEFORE HER TRANSFORMATION!. Cassie Moats 02:14, March 4, 2012 (UTC)Cassie Moats

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  • Dudetb3

    The Cure Chronicles

    June 13, 2011 by Dudetb3

    &nbsp The Cure Chronicles is a story line completly written by dudetb3, that will featur the attempt to cure the disrespectoids. the cure chronicles will feature multiple sagas which will feature multiple story lines including love, battles, and down fall of some disrespectoids. enjoy as this series which previously began early june, will take place throughout the summer.

    pre storyline: camille is dating phil. tybalt has been disgraced and is trying to earn everyones respect back as he is hated by everyone else. jessica becomes a disrespectoid.

    TYBALT STRUGGLE SAGA (4 parts): Tybalts Struggle Part 1:tybalt earns back the respect of his nation, but in the process, makes himslef hated by every disrespectoid Tennis Tybalt's Struggle Part 2:tyba…

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